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• 12/10/2017

Store Change/Redesign?

Did a store near you change its design or move? I went to Build-A-Bear today only to find it had gotten a complete overhaul, and downgrade! The whole store lost most, if not ALL of its pleasant aesthetic; no giant bears to greet you, no buttons or sewing needles, no "bathtubs"...I don't remember seeing any yellow in the store, even! I felt incredibly lost, everything was placed in a semi-random order. The computer for downloading sounds (which once was a giant screen), didn't have a sign and could easily be missed. It didn't help that this one emplyoee rushed me through everything, though that specifically may be an isolated incident.

Has a store near you changed? How do you feel about these changes?
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• 12/10/2017
Here's two drawings (from memory, so they may be inaccurate) of what I remember about the store's layout. Since the new one is, well, new, I was able to specifically break down about 40% of the clothing section into catagories.

• 12/10/2017
(Sorry for the poor quality!)

(EDIT: There MAY have been a door between the registers and the accessories, I remember a space between them.)
• 12/31/2017
Yeah the last time I went into one (in September 2016) they had the stuffing thing in the center of the store.
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