These are the animals (excluding smallfrys ) created for special days in 2012.

Valentine's DayEdit

Kisses Fur You Puppy & Kitty

This darling duo was made for each other! The perfect gift for someone you love! With magnets in their paws and mouth, they can hold hands and blow kisses!

Red Hello Kitty

This world famous friend is rockin' in red!

St Patrick's DayEdit

Lucky Plaid Teddy

Looking for a lucky teddy bear this St. Patrick's Day? Look no further than this furry friend! The Lucky Plaid Teddy Bear has plaid paws and ears and makes a fun unique gift. Who knows, it may just become your loved one's lucky teddy bear!


(Embroidered) Daisy Bunny

With it's floppy ears and all-over daisy print, this adorable bunny will hop right into your heart!

Watercolo(u)r Bunny

Cheery and fun, this sweet bunny with super soft fur will brighten your day and bring a smile to your face!

Sunny Chick

Every day will be sunny and cheerful with this sweet chick! With its soft yellow fur, it's sure to make you smile!


Pink Flurry Teddy

Have a flurry of fun with this pink teddy! An all-over snowflake print makes this cutie the pawfect winter friend!

Happy Husky

With soft white and gray fur and ice blue eyes, this snow-loving poch is ready for fun!

Merry Mint Pup (and bone)

With candy swirls on it's ears ad paws, this adorable pooch will make the holidays extra sweet! Includes scented plush bone.

Christmas Cookie Bear (and cookie)

This cuddly Christmas teddy bear is the sweetest treat! With sugar and spice, it's a friend for life! The Christmas Cookie Bear is cookie-colo(u)red all over with red and green sprinkles and it even comes with a scented plush cookie in it's paw!

Gingerbread Hello Kitty (and gingerbread man)

Get in the holiday spirit with this world famous gal! The Gingerbread Hello Kitty comes complete with a mistletoe bow and a scented plush gingerbread cookie.

Elf on the Shelf

These sweet elves from Elf on the Shelf and an Elf's Story will bring you joy and cheer all season long!

Rudolph, Clarice and the Grinch

These friends are sure to make your holidays fun! Rudolph's nose lights up, Clarice's heart lights up and the Grinch's heart lights up 3 sizes!