Branch is a build-a-bear based on the character Branch, from the animated film, Trolls. This item is part of the Dreamworks Trolls Series.

Official Description Edit

Branch is getting the hang of this positivity thing! The blue-green smiling Branch has stylable blue hair and can be outfitted with his leaf vest, pants and sounds (sold separately).

Appearance Edit

Branch is a plush that has lime-green colored fur and bright blue eyes. His blue hair appears to be quite fluffy and sticks up. On his right hand there appears to be a blue paw saying B-A-B, which stands for "Build a Bear". On his left foot the Dreamworks Animation Trolls logo can be seen.

Branch wears a light green waistcoat that appears to have a leafy effect. He also wears brown shorts with green patches that appear to have been sewn on and the Trolls logo can also be seen on the shorts. His shoes are shiny, black boots.

Clothing Edit

  • Black Rubber Boots
  • Leafy Green Vest
  • Brown Pants with Green Patches

Gallery Edit