The Branch Backpack Clip is a backpack clip based on the character, Branch from the Dreamworks Trolls film. This item is part of the Dreamworks Trolls Collection.

Official Description Edit

"Add some hair-raising fun to your backpack with this grumpy Branch clip-on from DreamWorks Trolls. With his wild, stylable hair, brown pants and leafy green vest, Branch features a DreamWorks Trolls logo on one foot and the B-A-B logo on the other."

Appearance Edit

The Branch Backpack Clip consists of a small plush of Branch. The color of the fur is a dark teal shade and the color of his sticking up hair is dark blue. Branch's eyes are blue and his nose is dark purple. His outfit consists of a green vest with a leafy effect and brown shorts. On his right foot a blue paw can be seen saying "B-A-B", which is short for "Build-a-bear". On the left foot the Trolls logo can be seen.