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Bearville is a virtural world where you can bring your furry friend to life online by the i.d code on the bear/furry friends birth certificate .This website is a great world to bond to explore and recreation. You don’t have to have a furry friend to play, but if you do have one, you can play a lot more games and have even more fun.When you When you register you will see Chloe Rocks to help you make your account.Once your finish you get to decorate your cub condo with your furry friend and have a beary great time! On Bearville the main people are Chloe Rocks,Bearmy,Mama Bear a.k.a "Maxcine Clark",Miguel Sunshine,and Greentracks.


Cub CondoEdit

The Cub Condo is a place for the player to hang out with there furry friends an relax.Each Furry friend registered to The players Account will get there own floor.