Clothing Items are pieces of clothing that is sold at Build-a-Bear Workshop for bears and other stuffed animals to wear.

Tops Edit

White T-Shirt
Groot T-Shirt
Guardians of the Galaxy T-Shirt
Red Happy Birthday T-Shirt
Birthday Princess T-Shirt
Blue & White Chequered Shirt
Hello Sunshine T-Shirt
Blue Pocket T-Shirt
Orange & Blue Stripe Collared Shirt
Cool Sis T-Shirt
Cool Bro T-Shirt
Pink Cat Bow T-Shirt
Laughing Smiley T-Shirt
Get Well Soon T-Shirt
Castle T-Shirt
Congrats T-Shirt
Blue Plaid Shirt Outfit
Red Plaid Flannel Hoodie
Awesome Dad T-Shirt
Superman Rainbow T-Shirt
Lalaloopsy T-Shirt

Pants Edit

These have less options an are cheaper than the shirts the major types are

  • Jeans
  • Dress pants
  • basketball shorts
  • An swim suits

Shoes Edit

The shoes are one of the accessories most bear owners forget about but they help tie any outfit together. There is so many types of shoes.The types include

  • High tops
  • Boots
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers

Special clothes Edit

Build a bear releases special themed Out fits during holidays an movie premieres some of the most popular ones are the My little pony Outfits the Marvel sets an the Frosty the snowman an Frozen sets. These are commonly released to make the bear look similar to a certain character.

Some other examples include

  • The Transformers outfits
  • Hulks costume
  • Iron man costume