Friendzzzz is a recently released product line from Build-a-Bear Workshop. It is seen as their response to the popular stuffed animal franchise, Pillow Pets. The unique thing about these stuffed animals are that they can be unstrapped by velcro and can be used as a pillow. This new franchise from Build-a-Bear brings new life into this franchise as, unlike Pillow Pets, you can build them all by yourself. These products are exclusive and not available at all locations.


At this time, there are three types of Friendzzzz. They are listed below.

  • Bunny - This is a normal bunny, but with longer ears than the standard Build-a-Bear bunny.
  • Monkey - This monkey looks very similar to Magnificent Monkey, another Build-a-Bear stuffed animal.
  • Shimmer Kitty - This stuffed animal is very similar to other Siamese cats from Build-a-Bear.

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