The Fuzzbert Backpack Clip is a backpack clip based on the character, Fuzzbert, from Dreamworks animated film, Trolls. This item is part of the Dreamworks Trolls collection.

Official Description Edit

"Embrace your inner Troll! Even if it's mostly just hair! Fuzzbert from the movie DreamWorks Trolls becomes a backpack clip, perfect for clipping and taking anywhere! Fuzzbert features stylable green hair, an orange clip and orange legs with the DreamWorks Trolls logo on one foot and the B-A-B logo on the other." [1]

Appearance Edit

The Fuzzbert Backpack Clip consists of a mini plush attached to a orange clip. The plush resembles the character, Fuzzbert from the animated film, Trolls. The Fuzzbert plush has two orange legs and lots of light green hair. On the right foot of the plush there is a grey paw saying "B-A-B", which is short for "Build-A-Bear". On the left foot of the plush it shows the Trolls logo.

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