The Hug Time Pyjamas are clothing items that are part of the Dreamworks Trolls collection.

Official Description Edit

"It's off to bed in true DreamWorks Trolls splendor for any furry friend with these perfectly purple PJs! The top sports Poppy, flowers and "Hug Time," while the bottoms feature cupcakes, rainbows, flowers, Poppy, hearts and stars." [1]

Appearance Edit

The Hug Time Pyjamas consists of a pyjama top and pyjama bottoms. The pyjama top is purple and in pink font is says "Hug Time". Princess Poppy is shown on it, along with many colorful flowers. The Dreamworks Trolls can be seen on the left sleeve.

The pyjama bottoms are also purple. On them there can be seen cupcakes, rainbows, flowers, hearts and stars. The character, Princess Poppy can also be seen.

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