Peanut GangEdit

  • The dog who always like to take nap and love to do imagination.
  • Snoopy wearing cool street clothing.
  • Red Baron
  • He always try to understand other people.
  • Trusty Sidekick

The classic TV show has now turn into one of the most cuddliest make-your-own-friend bear ,, As nowadays, it is become rare to see any good quality snoopy plushie but serously this snoopy might be sold out quite fast as it is famous along with its master, Charlie and its trusty sidekick, Woodstock the bird..

Snoopy trademark clothing is his ace pilot jacket and scarf. Not only that he is prebuild with music and his ear can flap.. His doghouse is also on sale.

On Sale Edit

  • 17 inch Snoopy
  • 6 inch Charlie
  • 6 inch Woodstock