The Pinkie Pie Sparkly Furry Friend is a build-a-bear which was released during October 2017. It is currently available and can be purchased for $28.

Official Description Edit

Discover the magic of friendship with your Pinkie Pie furry friend! An energetic and sociable baker, Pinkie Pie loves to laugh and is more sparkly than ever before. Add outfits and sounds to your Pinkie Pie furry friend and say yes to adventure! 

Appearance Edit

The Pinkie Pie Furry Friend resembles Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony. It has large blue eyes and thick black eyelashes. The color of the fur is light pink and her "cutie-mark" consists of two blue balloons and one yellow balloon. The mane of the build-a-bear is bright pink and appears to be quite curly.